Easy Summer Craft

When it comes to kids, it is always helpful to have an "I'm bored" solution at-the-ready. So, here is a simple craft for a rainy summer day... a paper plate fish puppet. This craft requires minimal supplies and minimal adult supervision. Can you say, "Win Win"? To make this craft, have the children color a paper plate. Then, cut out a mouth and glue it on as a tail. Add a googly-eye and a popsicle stick, and you have an adorable fish puppet to keep the little ones entertained

I see Summer

From lemonade in the shade to picnics in the park, feel the summer season all around us.

Shaking infants—even once— can kill or injure them for life

Crying babies cause stress for most people. For people not used to it, their response to this stress can be deadly. Here’s what you need to know, and to share with EVERYONE: Parents themselves most often cause the injury or death Don’t assume that a caregiver who loves you will feel the same way about your child A baby’s brain is fragile just like an egg inside a shell, and can be severely, even fatally, damaged inside the skull when shaken Infants who survive shaking can struggle with the consequences for life The potty training period, up to age 4, is another critical flash point for stress and frustration It’s not only shaking – but also squeezing or throwing a baby down on a bed or hard

Drowning kills more kids ages 1-4 than any other cause.

ANY child can drown. ANY time. ANY place. So EVERY one of us needs to know these important facts…and SHARE them: Kids under age 1 most often drown in bathtubs, buckets & toilets Also dangerous: in-ground and blow-up pools, retention ponds, canals, spas, even a pet’s water dish Small kids drown without making a sound Drowning begins in as little as 20 seconds Prevent Needless Drownings Tell everyone that these steps save lives: Eliminate distractions for those watching kids near water. NO texting, phone calls, gaming, reading Stay close for a quick rescue Never lose sight of small kids near water Make sure fences, gates, windows and doors between kids and water are in place and working prop

Infants are 40 times more likely to die in adult beds than in their own cribs

We know more now about the safest sleep habits for infants than we used to. Statistics like the headline above don’t lie. Here’s what else you should know and pass along: Nearly 74% of deaths in babies younger than 4 months happened in a bed- sharing situation Risks increase when adults smoke, use medications, alcohol or drugs, or are obese Pillow-top mattresses, comforters, fluffy pillows and stuffed animals are dangerous in adult beds AND in cribs Prevent Needless Sleep-Related Deaths Tell everyone that these steps save lives: ​SMLXL Room-sharing offers almost all of the benefits of bed-sharing, without the risks—bring baby’s crib into the parents’ room for the 1st 6 months Keep baby’s

CDC Issues Warning About Kellogg's Honey Smacks: "Do Not Eat This Cereal"

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released a statement about popular Kellogg's cereal Honey Smacks that has been linked to a serious salmonella outbreak, and parents will want to check their pantries as soon as possible. On Thursday, the CDC tweeted, "Do not eat this cereal" after it was confirmed that 100 people were infected in 33 states. At least 30 of those people have been hospitalized. The agency found salmonella in samples of the sweetened puffed wheat cereal, which has been subject to a voluntary recall by Kellogg since mid-June. Regardless of the cereal box's expiration date, the government agency implores parents to throw it away or return it to a retailer for a re

Mouse's First Summer

Mouse and Minka invite you to celebrate summer with a picnic in the park. Roll down the hill on tickly green grass. Fly fluttery kites high in the sky. Enjoy some juicy watermelon! And before it’s time to go home, a summer surprise sparkles in the sky.

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"The best gift we can give any child is to make that child feel WANTED, LOVED and CARED for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Mother Teresa


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