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Shaking infants—even once— can kill or injure them for life

Crying babies cause stress for most people. For people not used to it, their response to this stress can be deadly. Here’s what you need to know, and to share with EVERYONE: Parents themselves most often cause the injury or death Don’t assume that a caregiver who loves you will feel the same way about your child A baby’s brain is fragile just like an egg inside a shell, and can be severely, even fatally, damaged inside the skull when shaken Infants who survive shaking can struggle with the consequences for life The potty training period, up to age 4, is another critical flash point for stress and frustration It’s not only shaking – but also squeezing or throwing a baby down on a bed or hard surface – that can be deadlyPrevent Needless Deaths Caused by Stressed Caregivers

Tell everyone that these steps save lives:

  • Realize that crying is normal—it’s how babies communicate

  • Have a list of what to check as reason for crying—hunger, dirty diaper, too hot or cold, teething, over-tired, etc.

  • Know who is watching baby: ask them questions, notice their behaviors, ask how they’ll react to crying

  • Have support system in place for anyone watching baby: family, friend, neighbors who can relieve stressed-out caregiver

  • Know it’s okay for caregiver to take time out by putting baby in crib while taking a few minutes to reduce their stress

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