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These Popular Step2 Kids' Shopping Carts Just Got Recalled; Here's What You Should Know

You might want to double-check your kids' toys! According to a statement on Step2's website, more than 20,000 of its popular Little Helper's Shopping Carts have been recalled due to potential laceration concerns. Affecting 17,000 products in the US and 3,500 in Canada, Step2 officially moved to recall the items on Feb. 27, per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

"It is possible that the basket on certain . . . models may not meet our durability standards and [could] prematurely break, posing a potential safety risk," reads a statement on Step2's website. "We have isolated the issue to baskets on those models that were manufactured in May of 2019."

If you think you may have one of the recalled models? The affected products have a date code with a combination of 5 and 19 under the handle. As far as colors go, model number 700000, which has a blue basket and a tan bottom, and models 8567KL and 708500, which have pink baskets and gray or white bottoms, respectively, have both been recalled.

The recalled carts were originally sold at BJ's, Kohl's, and other retailers. It's recommended that anyone with an affected product should stop using the toy immediately, as the CPSC has received 22 complaints of the baskets breaking off into sharp pieces so far. Although no injuries have been reported, there is a potential risk of laceration or other injury due to the sharp plastic.

Parents can contact Step2 to receive a free replacement cart or a $40 credit to that can be used to purchase another Step2 product of their choosing. Fill out a recall form on Step2's website or call the company with any questions at 800-347-8372.

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