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A hearing test is an important part of your child’s regular medical checkup

  • When a child is under 3 years of age, hearing is tested by observing your child’s response to sound and her ability to learn new words.

  • When children turn three, they can usually learn how to take hearing screening tests.

  •  If your child has a hearing test, be patient. He may not understand what to do in order to cooperate fully.

Infants and toddlers frequently have colds that can lead to ear infections. If ear infections are not detected and treated, the toddler may have hearing problems.

  •  Catching hearing problems early is the key to successful treatment and the prevention of hearing loss. A hearing problem can interfere with the development of normal language and learning.

  • Parents can protect their child’s hearing by making sure that infections are treated and hearing is regularly tested by their doctors.


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