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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This alphabet scavenger hunt was the perfect activity to do when we were stuck at home indoors.

Materials Needed:

  • Sticky Notes

  • Marker

  • Objects from around the house

What to Do:

Ask participants to find objects around the house that begin with each letter of the alphabet. That’s it! Because your kids will inevitably ask you for help, here is a list of words that begin with each letter that you may have lying around the house.

Words for Each Letter of the Alphabet

  • A: apple, applesauce, airplane, astronaut, alligator, ax, ant

  • B: ball, banana, boat, brick, box, bag, bed, bear, bat

  • C: car, cookie, cake, cat, cob, cow, candy

  • D: dog, dragon, drum, dime, doll, duck, dump truck

  • E: elephant, ear, eye, egg, elf

  • F: frog, feather, fish, flower, flamingo, fire, flashlight

  • G: giraffe, game, girl, goat, ghost, gift, goose, gorilla, guitar

  • H: helicopter, hammer, heart, hat, hand, horse, heart, house

  • I: ice cream, ice, inch, island, insect,

  • J: joker, jacket, jam, jewel, jet

  • K: ketchup, knife, knot, kazoo, kiwi, koala, kangaroo, key, kettle

  • L: lizard, lion, leopard, ladder, lamb, leaf, leg, lock, lips, lemon, light

  • M: mouse, mail, map, mat, match, mitten, man, money

  • N: nickel, nail, net, nest, nose, nut

  • O: Oreos, octopus, orange, onion

  • P: pan, pen, Pokemon, pig, pet, pink, pot, pizza, pumpkin, pear, pretzel

  • Q: quarter, queen, quilt, quartz, quail, question mark

  • R: reptile, rabbit, rake, rat, red, ring, rocket, rose, rainbow, rhino, robot

  • S: scissors, snake, strawberry, star, stop sign, sun, snail

  • T: teacup, ten, tomato, toad, tiger, table, tail, toy, telephone, tractor, tooth, turtle, tree

  • U: Uno, umbrella, utencils, underwear, uniform, unicorn, ukulele

  • V: vase, vine, vest, vegetable, van, volcano, violin

  • W: whistle, wand, walrus, whale, white, watermelon, wolf, worm

  • X: x-ray, xylophone

  • Y: yoyo, yellow, yam, yak, yolk

  • Z: zebra, zero, zig zag, zipper


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