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Bedtime routines help toddlers sleep better

Toddlers need regular bedtimes and special bedtime routines —like teeth cleaning, stories, and hugs. Parents need regular bedtimes for their children, so that they can have some time to relax.

Bedtime is not always sleep time. By following a routine, you can help your toddler learn to go to bed and be quiet at set times. Don’t worry if she does not always go to sleep as soon as she goes to bed. Sometimes toddlers need some time to wind down and relax before they get sleepy.

Try doing something relaxing before bedtime with your toddler —like reading a book or rocking. Rough-housing and watching TV before bed can make it hard for children to go to sleep. Try to do the same things every evening before putting your toddler to bed. If she still is not sleepy after the bedtime routine, let her play quietly in bed, or look at a picture book, until sleep comes.


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