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Celebrate End of Summer with 10 Fun Activities for Kids

Now that the end of summer is almost here it’s time to start thinking of ways to make it memorable before the kids head back to school! Celebrate the end of summer with 10 fun activities for kids because let’s face it ~ the end of summer should be celebrated!

1. GET ARTSY WITH SIDEWALK CHALK – Sidewalk chalk is not just for little kids. Have a sidewalk art contest and see how creative your child can get with a canvas of concrete and different colors of chalk. Sidewalk chalk photography is also super fun!

2. GO ON A PICNIC – Picnics are always a hit. Pack your lunch and eat outdoors. Find a cool place to put down your blanket and enjoy the beauty of nature whether it’s the mountains, the beach or just your backyard!

3. HAVE A SWIM PARTY – Nothing says end of summer like a swim party. If you’ve got a pool, let your child have their friends over for a supervised fun day of swimming in the sun. If you don’t have a pool, well, find a friend that does. Think up fun pool games that can be played in order to add an extra layer of enjoyment! It’s also a great idea to purchase fun floating pool toys and diving sticks.

4. RUN THROUGH THE SPRINKLERS – I don’t care how old your kiddos are, I bet they still love running through the sprinklers. Grab that hose and sprinkler head and have the kids run through the spray. So fun.

5. JUMP IN RAIN PUDDLES – If you get any summer rain, let your kids have fun in it. Don’t worry about wet clothes and wet shoes. Let them jump, dance and play in the rain (as long as it’s safe, or course).

6. GO OUT FOR AN ICE CREAM CONE – Go out for an ice cream cone and let your kiddo chose whatever they want on it. If toppings are their thing and they are not usually allowed to top their ice cream with them, let them this time. If they’ve been wanting a double scoop, consider it. This end of summer ice cream cone is all about remembering the summer while enjoying the best ice cream cone ever! (smiling)

7. HAVE A WATER BALLOON FIGHT – Water balloon fights are just plain fun. For an extra layer of fun, set up obstacles and rules about engagement. You want those balloons to last a little while. (wink) This gadget for filling up water balloons, by the way is pure genius.

8. MAKE A LEMONADE STAND – If your kiddos have been begging for a lemonade stand all summer and you’ve never gotten around to helping them prepare for a big day of selling lemonade and probably baked goods, too, then now’s the time. Having a lemonade stand is not only great fun for kids, especially if they do it with their friends, it’s a great way to teach them about money. Allow them to make change for their customers and talk about goals for the money at the end of the sale. If your child has a special organization they would like to help, this is a great time to make a donation that is meaningful to them.

9. HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON – If your kids love movies like my kids love movies then having a movie marathon will score really high on the end of summer fun checklist. Let them pick out movies (you can rent them, borrow them from your library, or purchase them new or used) they want to see and let them watch them….all day.

10. MAKE S’MORES – Nothing says summer quite like s’mores so enjoy the end of summer with s’mores. The gooey marshmallow, chocolate and graham crackers are a favorite for many!


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