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Crying is a Call for Help!

WHEN YOUR BABY CRIES, he is trying to tell you something. You just have to figure out what it is. Here are some things your baby may be trying to tell you.

HE MAY BE HUNGRY. Babies may need to eat more often than you expect. If it has been an hour or more since your baby was fed, he may be telling you he’s hungry.

HE MAY BE LONELY. If your baby calms down and stays calm as soon as you pick him up, he missed you. Your baby’s need for closeness is very real. You can’t spoil a baby by cuddling him when he needs it.

HE MAY HAVE A WET DIAPER. Some babies don’t mind; others do.

HE MAY BE SLEEPY. Some babies fuss a bit before sleeping.

HE MAY BE IN PAIN. He may be uncomfortable because a pin is pricking him or his clothes have sharp tags or zippers.

HE MAY BE COLD OR NOT. Feel your baby’s back or tummy to see if he is too cool or too hot. Adjust clothing to make him comfortable. Dress your baby as you would yourself or add one extra layer of clothing.

HE MAY BE OVERSTIMULATED. Sometimes your baby may get too excited about everything going on around him. Rock your baby in a dimly lit room to calm him.


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