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Handmade Valentines to Mail to Family and Friends


Watercolors and Brush Construction Paper Scissors The letters L,O,V,E Glue Crayons


On a piece of white construction paper or card stock allow your child to cover it with paint using fingers or brush! Leaving white is fine and then allow to dry. Trace letters on the dry painted paper. I had letters from my teaching days laying around but drug stores, Target, Walmart all carry letters in their paper section. If you have a dye-cut machine of course you could use that. I was able to trace love four times on one large sheet of construction paper. Cut out letters and allow child to put glue on the back of each letter. Then on a piece of folded construction paper stack letters like my example. I then cut the bottom portion of construction paper so it was more of a square card than rectangular. Allow to dry. Last, using crayons encourage child to “write” their love letter. Find an envelope and address it together. Sweet Pea loves adding the stamp and our address label herself. Last but not least have child proudly place his/her love letters in the mail! Go to the post office for some extra fun and use the giant mailbox. Sweet Pea loves watching her mail disappear after closing the giant mail door.

*try other valentine sayings like: xoxo or hugs. This is a great card for any occasion not just Valentine’s Day!

Do you love getting handwritten cards in the mail?


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