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Jennifer Garner’s Once Upon a Farm Baby Food Releases New Products with a Special Ingredient

Jennifer Garner’s baby food line Once Upon a Farm just got a brand new flavor that’s sure to please your mini gourmand.

In collaboration with Row 7, Garner’s Once Upon a Farm just released Farmer Jen and the Giant Squash, a stage 2 baby food pouch made with Row 7’s Koginut squash. This unique squash is also special because it was raised on Garner’s own family farm in Locust, Oklahoma.

Row 7 has built a global network of chefs working together with plant breeders to create new varieties of high-quality, flavorful seeds that make an impact in the soil and at the table, like the new Koginut squash. This special variety combines two squash types, “one prized for its high dry matter, the other for its concentrated sweetness.”

The squash, which is cultivated on the farm where her mom, Patricia, grew up, is combined with chewy oats, cinnamon spice and apple for a fall harvest flavor tiny foodies will love.

The special flavor is only available for a limited time at


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