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Johnson's Is Making the Biggest Change in 45 Years to Its Baby Products You Know and Love

"This is the brand's most ambitious change yet. Johnson's is setting a new standard for gentle."

Although the refresh will give parents what they're looking for in terms of natural ingredients and safe products for their babies' delicate skin, it's also an aesthetically pleasing one that doesn't make the timeless products any less recognizable. For example, its gold shampoo may no longer be gold — spoiler alert: it's now clear and free of sulfates and dyes — but the bottle itself is gold so parents can still spot the wash easily on the shelf. Its pink lotion may no longer be pink, but it still has that classic scent, formulated more naturally by paring down and adapting its list of fragrance-related ingredients. And perhaps the most amazing upgrade: many of the bottles will have pumps for ease of use.

In the name of setting its new standard for gentle, Johnson's is also releasing a line designed specially for delicate newborn skin. To mimic the soft feel of cotton fabrics, the line features very finely milled cotton powder created from cotton fibers and is aptly called "CottonTouch." The line features a wash and shampoo two-in-one

and a face and body lotion, both of which are proven mild and safe for newborn skin and free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, sulfates, and fragrance allergens.

Check out the look of the new bottles and CottonTouch line — both of which you can find on shelves now — ahead!


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