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Let your child copy you

Your little one likes to copy what you do — eating, washing, cooking, cleaning. She may try to feed you pieces of food the way you feed her. If you accept the food and show you enjoy it, she will laugh. This makes her feel important. Copy each other.Your little one will really enjoy having you copy her. That shows her that what she does is important to you. Try copying her hand movements, her play activities, her body movements, or copy what she is saying. She’ll laugh, and she’ll be learning how her own movements look to you. Mirrors are fun. She likes to watch you in the mirror while you copy her. She’ll also enjoy just watching herself in the mirror. She’ll laugh at her smile in the mirror and may pat or kiss it. “Let me show you how.” You can use copying to help your baby learn. When she is learning to drink from a cup, you can drink to show her how. When you want her to pick up toys, show her how.


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