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Recalled Product Description: Johnson’s Baby Powder

The current recall includes one lot of 33,000 bottles of baby powder. The specific lot number for this product is Lot #22318RB.

Why the Baby Powder Was Recalled

JJCI initiated the recall after U.S. Food and Drug Administration testing found the presence of sub-trace levels of chrysotile asbestos contamination (no greater than 0.00002%) in the powder. The asbestos was only found in one bottle of powder and was purchased from an online retailer.

According to a press statement, JJCI, “Cannot confirm if cross-contamination of the sample caused a false positive. Cannot confirm whether the sample was taken from a bottle with an intact seal or whether the sample was prepared in a controlled environment. Cannot confirm whether the tested product is authentic or counterfeit.”

How to Tell If Your Baby Powder Was Recalled

Look for the lot number— Lot #22318RB. This is the only Johnson’s Baby Powder lot currently recalled.

What Parents Can Do

If you have the affected powder do not use it. Contact Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care Center online here or call 1-866-565-2229 for more information on the recall or to get a refund.


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