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Teach colors with homemade circles

You will need:

  • Sheet of cardboard

  •  Five sheets of different colored paper

  •   Pencil

  •  Drinking glass

  •   Scissors

  •   Child safe glue. Check the bottle to be sure it says nontoxic or child safe.

To make the game:

  • Make circles by drawing around a water glass on the colored paper. Make two circles of each color of paper. You will have 5 pairs of circles, each pair a different color.

  •  Cut out all of the circles; stack them in two separate piles.

  •  Glue one set of circles to the cardboard.

How to play:

  •  Place the cardboard in front of your child on the floor, or at a table.

  •  One by one, give her different colored circles. Ask her to put each one on the same colored circle glued to the cardboard.

  •   Say the name of the color as your child puts each circle on the correct color.

  •  When all the circles have been matched, have your child pick up the circles one by one and hand them back to you. Ask her the color of each circle as she hands it back to you.


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