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The #1 Thing You Need for Safe Swimming in a Pool or Open Water

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone — and summer is officially here! That means we're taking the covers off the

pools and heading to the beach to swim and lie out under the sun. This is the time to relax and have fun, but it's important to remember how to stay safe too. About 10 people die from accidental drowning every day in the U.S. So Olympic swimm

er Cullen Jones, who nearly drowned when he was just 5, is sharing the most important thing to have with you when swimming in a pool or open water.

Make Sure Someone Is Watching You

Cullen says the #1 rule when swimming is to have a water watcher — no matter how old you are, and even if you have already taken swim lessons. This is particularly important when you're in open water where there are currents, like at the beach.

"Even as an Olympic swimmer, it becomes harder because [humans] aren't built for the water. But that's why we have to have swim lessons. So the #1 rule, no matter if it's a pool, or if it's a lake, or if it's an ocean, make sure you have a lifeguard watching — someone who's certified to make sure you are safe around the water."


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