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The Perfect Summer Activity: Rock Painting 101

This summer we discovered the greatest activity that you can do anywhere—at home, camping, at a family reunion, at the beach, the lake…you name it, rock painting is the perfect summer activity.

It’s easy, quiet, creative, can last hours, and makes the best lasting memories. Kids of all ages love it. Even the adults were getting in on the action! We’ve done it twice now and my kids can’t get enough. Once was at a family reunion and another time camping with friends. It’s simple and quality entertainment and then afterward, the best part is hiding you rocks around for others to enjoy. Here is a little rock painting 101 to get you started.

  • Acrylic paints (preferably outdoor acrylic paint–you can find it at Hobby Lobby or any craft store.

  • Paint brushes

  • Paper plates to put paint on and cups to hold water for rinsing brushes

  • Paint pens or Sharpie markers for the fine details

One of the best parts of the activity is reaching for rocks. Take a walk, a hike, or go wade in a stream. Walk along the beach or search for rocks around your home that would be perfect for painting. The best rocks are the ones with at least one smooth, flat surface. We found rocks of all shapes and sizes, which lended well to the kids’ imaginations.

Wash and dry your rocks if necessary, then the painting starts! We found it’s best to have several examples for inspiration. There are some great rock painting books out there or you can print out tons of ideas from Pinterest.

When your rocks are painted and dried, now comes the fun part…hiding them. At our family reunion, the kids loved taking their rocks around to hide them in various places that were visible, but discreet. “Let’s make some other kids happy when they find them!” they said.


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