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What it’s like to be a newborn

  • I need someone to love me, feed me, hold me, and play with me.

  • I like to feel warm, but not hot.

  • Watch for these signs that I’m too warm: sweating, damp hair, flushed cheeks, heat rash, rapid breathing.

  • I don’t like lots of noise.

  • I like to be held gently and very close.

  • I like to sleep a lot.

  • I am hungry every few hours.

  • I may be fussy and cry a lot.

  • My head is large and my arms and legs are short.

  • When you hold me, place your arm under my neck to help support my head.

  • I keep my arms and legs curled up and my fists closed.

  • My skin may be flaky.


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