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The Baby Box Company

The Baby Box Company, based in California, makes boxes similar to the ones used by Finland. All of the products The Baby Box Company produces, including the baby box itself, meet safety regulations enacted by the U.S. Product Safety Commission, Canada’s Minister of Health, the European Commission, and Product Safety Australia.  The Baby Box Company distributes its products in several other countries outside of the U.S.


They further emphasize safety by using predominantly natural and organic products.  All of their boxes have passed SGS inspection and are made using completely non-toxic and environmentally safe materials.  Their mattresses are certified non-toxic and safeby CertiPUR-US laboratories (they contain no PBDE flame retardants, prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters (CFCs), mercury, lead, heavy metals, or formaldehyde).  Safety labels developed in conjunction with the SIDS Project Impact and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development are attached to the lid of every baby box so users see warnings upon opening the box.  For further information on safety of the baby boxes, please visit the Baby Box Company’s website.

The Baby Box Tradition

For 75 years, Finland's expectant mothers have been given a Baby Box that is a starter kit for the baby’s first year of life. The Baby Box – a gift from the government – includes clothing, diapers and other newborn necessities and the box itself has a mattress that serves as baby’s first bed. The Baby Box is credited with helping Finland achieve one of the world's lowest infant mortality rates.

The Baby Box is portable, it takes up less space and is more affordable than a crib, and it is certified non-toxic and eco-friendly, all while lowering the risk of SIDS by 40x for parents who would otherwise bed-share with their babies. This is especially important in light of the recent infant mortality data, which shows that the US infant mortality rate is higher than any of the other 27 wealthiest countries in the world

Baby Box University

Each Baby Box comes complete with a subscription to Baby Box University.Baby Box University is an educational service provided by The Baby Box Co. in coordination with committed medical professionals, maternal health advocates and child development specialists for the purposes of reducing infant mortality and empowering parents.

So You Put The Baby In A Box?

Yes, as a matter of fact you do, or, you can! Essentially, the box acts as a crib for parents who don’t have one or who prefer to have their baby closer to them at night. The box can even sit on top of a bed while parents lie on either side of it, and it will act as a barrier from soft bedding and body heat of parents, known risk factors in sleep-related deaths.


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