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Safe sleep for babies is as easy as A, B, C: Alone, Back, and Crib.

Baby should always sleep alone.

  • Don’t sleep in the same bed as baby.

    • The safest place for baby to sleep is the same room as their caregiver.

    • You can place crib next to the bed.

  • Keep the room smoke and pollutant-free.

  • Keep the room cool to prevent overheating.

Baby should sleep on their back.

  • Place baby on their back to sleep and tummy to play.

  • Help to prevent flat spots on the head by changing sleep direction daily.

Baby should always sleep in a crib or Pack n Play

  • Use a crib or Pack n Play that meets current safety standards.

  • Provide your baby with a firm sleep surface.

  • Keep crib empty.

    • Remove loose bedding, bumpers, and toys as they can put safety as risk.

  • Avoid using sleep positioning devices.

    • There is no evidence these are effective and, in some cases, they pose a danger to baby if they roll out of the device.

These guidelines have been created by the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

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