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What We Do

Provide a safe sleeping space for newborns by providing Pack n Plays and baby boxes that are filled with essential baby items.

Having a newborn is hard enough. Being homeless with an infant can be overwhelming. Babies need a safe place to sleep, diapers, clothes, bottles and car seats, essential things that don’t come cheaply.

Clara’s Closet provides safe sleeping spaces and essentials to newborns in need.  Our Pack n Play's provide a safe place for babies to sleep. Our volunteers collect essential baby items and fill our baby boxes with clothes, diapers, wipes, toys, books, health items and more.  We distribute our items through hospitals, shelters, and churches in Yamhill, Polk and Lincoln Counties. Each baby receives approximately 20 items, and may include newborn onesies, sleepers, hats, booties, shirts, sweaters, safety items, hygiene items, pants, books, toys and diapers.

What To Expect

After being referred by your case worker or other professional, you will receive a baby box containing essentials for your baby and a Pack n Play if necessary. We provide a book and toy in each baby box. You may even find special items for you and your child to enjoy.

Typical items you may find:



•Baby Shampoo, Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Diaper Rash Cream

•Healthcare Kit

•Sleeper, Onesies, Pants, Hats

•Infant toy

•Board book

•Extra items (coats, sweaters, bottles, baby carrier, etc.)

For case workers or other professionals

We welcome your clients to Clara’s Closet. To request a referral form,

please call 541-921-0770 or e-mail:

Donate to Clara’s Closet​

Clara’s Closet items are free to families in shelters or transitional housing, and families who have been homeless within the past six months. In order to keep this vital community resource available, we rely on donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. This is a unique opportunity to impact newborns almost immediately. Additionally, it is a unique opportunity to address a significant need that you may not have realized is so great. As Clara’s Closet grows and the word is spread, we will add more beneficiaries and expand the list of items that can be donated.

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