Febuary’s Best New Kids Books

Click Ever have that feeling that you no longer click? Olive “clicks” with everyone in the 5th grade, until one day she doesn’t. She’s feeling left out panicky. This graphic novel about navigating friendship and learning to find your own way is a good reminder for kids and parents alike. Available Jan. 8, 2019. Ages: 10-12 Buy it now. $8

February’s Best New Kids Books

True Colors Based on the infamous song by Cyndi Lauper, this little book is perfect for any age from 0-99. Since it's release in 1986 the song "True Colors" (written by Billy Steinberg & Tom Kelly) has endured with the message of self-confidence and self-love. "Because your true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow!!" Beautifully illustrated by Sarah Walsh, it makes a great gift for anyone! Ages: 0-99 Out now! Order here, $7.99 hardcover

February’s Best New Kids Books

The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories Wind down from your busy day with something a little different: The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories gives kiddos a glimpse into the night time routines of their favorite super heroes: does the Green Lantern act as his own night? Does Batman sleep upside down? Because after a day of fighting crime or working their day jobs, just like kids, even super heroes need a good night's sleep. Available Jan, 29. Ages: 4 and up Find a copy here. $16.99

February's Best New Kids Books

Bear Needs Help This sweet and funny story about a little polar bear with his shoe untied is the perfect pick-me-up for when you are having one of those days. And it’s a great lesson, sure to invoke grins, for kids learning that it’s okay to ask for help. Because, like Bear, we all need a little help sometimes! Available Jan. 22, 2019 Ages: 3-7 Get it here. $16.99

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"The best gift we can give any child is to make that child feel WANTED, LOVED and CARED for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Mother Teresa


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