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How to Make Sure Baby’s Changing Table is Safe

Changing tables are a handy place to dress and diaper baby in the early months! However, they are on a high surface, which means extra safety considerations need to be made! No matter how closely you keep an eye on baby, it’s important that they have these safety features on your changing table. How long should you use baby’s changing table for? What is the best way to keep them safe? Find out with the tips below!

The changing table should be sturdy and stable.

Because you’ll be moving baby around on this table, you want to make sure there is no way it would tip over. If the changing table is foldable this is especially important!

There should be a 2 inch, or 5 centimeter guardrail on all four sides of the table.

Because baby is high up, it’s very important they don’t fall off the table. This short guardrail makes a huge difference! Make sure it’s on every side, because every side should be protected.

The changing pad should be concave.

This means that the middle of the pad is slightly lower than the sides. Why is this important? It helps to prevent baby from rolling out, because they would need to roll up an incline to roll off of the table.

Use the safety strap, but never leave baby unattended.


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