Where to find the iconic Eric Carle + Magna-tiles sets

We love some Magna-tiles around our house. My kids like to build cool structures with them, and I love how easily we clean them up (thanks to those magnets). So when we heard about the new Eric Carle + Magna-tiles collab, we got excited. Yes, cool art on awesome toys is something we getting excited about. #momlife. This collaboration exposes kids to educational concepts like colors and numbers (just like the beloved books) but they can also be used to create cool 3D shapes, like a barn, duck or caterpillar. But they’re only available one place, and we have the link. ou can find these toys in Target stores, starting March 1. We had a chance to try out the Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do you S

These Popular Step2 Kids' Shopping Carts Just Got Recalled; Here's What You Should Know

You might want to double-check your kids' toys! According to a statement on Step2's website, more than 20,000 of its popular Little Helper's Shopping Carts have been recalled due to potential laceration concerns. Affecting 17,000 products in the US and 3,500 in Canada, Step2 officially moved to recall the items on Feb. 27, per the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). "It is possible that the basket on certain . . . models may not meet our durability standards and [could] prematurely break, posing a potential safety risk," reads a statement on Step2's website. "We have isolated the issue to baskets on those models that were manufactured in May of 2019." If you think you may have one

5 Toys That Are Proven to Benefit Children

Toys play an integral part in a child’s life. From the moment our children come into the world, they are introduced to the comfort, fun, and imagination that toys bring. As children continue to grow and develop, toys play an even more important role in assisting with growth and development. When shopping for kids’ toys, it makes sense to choose toys that are not only fun but help to boost learning and encourage imaginative play. Help support early childhood development by keeping the kids entertained and stimulated with the following toys proven to benefit children. 1. Puzzles Puzzles are very important in assisting children in developing emotional skills, cognitive skills, and physical skil

Scholastic - Learn at Home

Even when schools are closed, you can keep the learning going with these special cross-curricular journeys. Every day includes four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. Kids can do them on their own, with their families, or with their teachers. Just find your grade level and let the learning begin! https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome.html?fbclid=IwAR0eb2PL2C1q_4vQRIEPYeb_inN28t4yUobRdlyfiQ-SOA2BpGdFMjlkCQc

Is babywearing right for you?

There are endless benefits of babywearing for you and your baby. It’s a proven fact that babies who are carried more cry less. In the early days, but also through toddlerhood, your little one will want and need to be held close a lot. Babywearing is one (very convenient) way to help you do this and meet their needs. Some of the specific benefits for babies include regulating their temperature, keeping them upright to help with reflux and digestion, easier settling, protection from overstimulation. And of course, providing them with important comfort and a place of safety and security in this new world they are figuring out. Babywearing means more multitasking for caregivers while keeping the

Welcome to the Party! Gabrielle Union's Daughter, Kaavia, Inspired Her to Write a Baby Book

Gabrielle Union and her daughter, Kaavia James, have had more than a few cute moments together (and some pretty hilarious ones, too), and now the mommy-daughter duo have collaborated on a children's book. Welcome to the Party, illustrated by Ashley Evans, is inspired by Gabrielle's personal excitement leading up to Kaavia James's birth on Nov. 7, 2018, and we have a feeling it's going to be adorable. "This is a very special moment for me, to write my very first children's book," Gabrielle captioned an Instagram post announcing the release of the book. "Since the birth of @kaaviajames ... I've been even more inspired to create stories that are not only representative of the cultural melting p

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"The best gift we can give any child is to make that child feel WANTED, LOVED and CARED for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Mother Teresa


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