Window Falls are Everyone’s Responsibility

Window Safety Keep furniture or anything a child can climb away from windows. Only allow windows to open 4 inches and install a window stop to keep children from opening them further. (Be sure an adult can open them in an emergency). If you open windows wider than 4 inches, install window guards that can be removed by an adult in an emergency. Teach your children about window safety. “Screens keep bugs out; they do not keep kids in”. Teach them to play a safe distance from windows and enforce this rule in your home. (i.e. We play 2 (big) steps away from windows). Share this information with grandparents, childcare providers, friends and neighbors that children visit.

Open Water Safety Tips

Planning on a trip to the beach or lake this summer? Watch kids when they are in or around water, without being distracted. A Water Watcher card can help designate a responsible adult to keep an eye on kids in the water at all times. Teach children to swim with an adult. Older, more experienced swimmers should still swim with a partner every time. Swimming aids such as water wings or noodles are fun toys for kids, but are not appropriate to be used in place of a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket. A large portion of boating accidents each year involve alcohol consumption by both boat operators and passengers. To keep you and your loved ones safe, it is strongly recommended not to drink

Summer Safety and UV Protection

Kids don’t have to be at the pool, beach, or on vacation to get too much sun. Their skin needs protection from the sun’s harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays whenev-er they’re outdoors. Take sunscreen with you to reapply during the day, especially after your child swims or ex-ercises. This applies to waterproof and water- resistant products as well. Follow the direc-tions on the package for using a sunscreen prod-uct on babies less than 6 months old. All products do not have the same ingredients; if your or your child’s skin reacts badly to one product, try another one or call a doctor. Your baby’s best defense against sunburn is avoiding the sun or staying in the shade. Keep in mind, sunscreen i

Johnson's Is Making the Biggest Change in 45 Years to Its Baby Products You Know and Love

"This is the brand's most ambitious change yet. Johnson's is setting a new standard for gentle." Although the refresh will give parents what they're looking for in terms of natural ingredients and safe products for their babies' delicate skin, it's also an aesthetically pleasing one that doesn't make the timeless products any less recognizable. For example, its gold shampoo may no longer be gold — spoiler alert: it's now clear and free of sulfates and dyes — but the bottle itself is gold so parents can still spot the wash easily on the shelf. Its pink lotion may no longer be pink, but it still has that classic scent, formulated more naturally by paring down and adapting its list of fragrance

Raising Kids Who Want To Read — Even During The Summer

You sneak them into backpacks and let them commingle with the video games (hoping some of the latter's appeal will rub off). You lay them around the kids' beds like stepping stones through the Slough of Despond and, for good measure, Vitamix them to an imperceptible pulp for the occasional smoothie. Books are everywhere in your house, and yet ... they're not being consumed. Because it's summer, and kids have so many other things they'd rather do. Daniel Willingham, a psychologist at the University of Virginia and the author of Raising Kids Who Read, doesn't champion reading for the obvious reasons — not because research suggests that kids who read for pleasure do better in school and in life

7 fascinating third-trimester baby facts

Hello home stretch – it’s been six months of baby growing and for mum and bub, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Just 12 weeks to go, and you may think all bub is doing in there is getting bigger but there’s a whole lot more that happens to your baby in the last trimester. Your little one is getting ready to enter the world, and there are some incredible things going on womb-side. Here are 7 fascinating third-trimester baby facts that may just blow your mind a little. 1. Nailed it Baby’s teeny tiny fingernails have been taking shape since about 12 weeks, and they’ve been busy growing but heading into week 34 your bub finally has a full set of the sweetest little finger and toenails. Mi

Celebrate End of Summer with 10 Fun Activities for Kids

Now that the end of summer is almost here it’s time to start thinking of ways to make it memorable before the kids head back to school! Celebrate the end of summer with 10 fun activities for kids because let’s face it ~ the end of summer should be celebrated! 1. GET ARTSY WITH SIDEWALK CHALK – Sidewalk chalk is not just for little kids. Have a sidewalk art contest and see how creative your child can get with a canvas of concrete and different colors of chalk. Sidewalk chalk photography is also super fun! 2. GO ON A PICNIC – Picnics are always a hit. Pack your lunch and eat outdoors. Find a cool place to put down your blanket and enjoy the beauty of nature whether it’s the mountains, the be

Blue Boat

A tough little tugboat (captained by a female boat pilot) saves the day in this charming and slightly oversized board book. Perfect for reading aloud with plenty of motoring noises and rhyming text

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"The best gift we can give any child is to make that child feel WANTED, LOVED and CARED for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Mother Teresa


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