Beware of high sugar cereals

Has this happened to you yet? You are pushing your grocery cart down the aisle of the supermarket. All of a sudden, your toddler sees a certain brand of cereal. He begins calling out the name of the cereal. He wants you to buy it. You are amazed. You’ve never bought this cereal, and he’s never eaten it. How did he find out about it? He probably learned about it from television. Toddlers don’t seem to pay much attention to television, but they are often aware of what is happening on the screen. Commercials are very appealing because of the action and the noise. The food most often advertised during children’s television programs is cereal. Some of these cereals are nutritious, others are not.

Match activities to development and set rules with reasons

Parents of capable toddlers: Encourage their children to help with household chores. Have regular family routines (like mealtimes). Allow their children to do some messy things, such as washing dishes. Choose programs carefully, then limit and supervise their children’s television viewing. Observe their children closely to keep them safe —and to fit activities to their child’s developing skills. Read to their children daily. Have firm, consistent rules and give children reasons for these rules. Teach their children and actively help them learn. Play with their children frequently —including pretend play.

Teach colors with homemade circles

You will need: Sheet of cardboard Five sheets of different colored paper Pencil Drinking glass Scissors Child safe glue. Check the bottle to be sure it says nontoxic or child safe. To make the game: Make circles by drawing around a water glass on the colored paper. Make two circles of each color of paper. You will have 5 pairs of circles, each pair a different color. Cut out all of the circles; stack them in two separate piles. Glue one set of circles to the cardboard. How to play: Place the cardboard in front of your child on the floor, or at a table. One by one, give her different colored circles. Ask her to put each one on the same colored circle glued to the cardboard. Say the name of th

Thankful Pumpkin

Want to start a new family tradition that will teach your kids about thankfulness? Every night for the month of October, gather as a family, and add a few items to your Thankful Pumpkin! You'll have a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration!

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"The best gift we can give any child is to make that child feel WANTED, LOVED and CARED for because that child is the greatest gift of God."- Mother Teresa


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