4th of July crafts - Cupcake Liner Fireworks

Summer is here. It’s almost time to celebrate Canada Day and The 4th of July! My favorite part of both days are the fireworks. I had to show my son videos of fireworks I found online because he’s never seen them in person. Although the videos could only capture half the magic he loved them and I can’t wait for him to see them in person this year. This 4th of July Craft is a wonderful way to get excited and have fun with red, white and blue at the same time. Gather your materials. You will need a piece of black construction paper, a few cupcake liners, markers, glitter ( of course), scissors and glue. 2. Start by drawing on your cupcake liners with the markers. It was challenging for him to h

4th of July Safety Tips

Independence day is a summertime favorite for parades, family BBQs, kiddie pools and fireworks. It’s a classic way to socialize and spend the day. Children can often go unsupervised when it comes to all the excitement so we’re offering up nine tips and reminders to keep the little ones safe and having a great time from the early morning parade to the late evening fireworks display. 1. Keep Extra Water on Hand: Dehydration can set in fast with the summer sun and high temperatures that July typically brings. A few bottles of water can save kids from exhaustion and tantrums. 2. Designate a Meeting Spot: With the large crowds and commotion that events can bring, a safe meeting place is a great i

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