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Surprise! Joanna Gaines Is Releasing a Children's Book.

Mom of five and Fixer Upper alum Joanna Gaines has obviously been very busy lately. Just seven months after giving birth to her son Crew, Joanna announced that she's been working on a children's book called We Are the Gardeners with her children. The book centers on "bunnies that eat everything" and is meant to inspire kiddos to cultivate their own green thumbs. She added that it's "our way of sharing what the garden means to us, and the many adventures we've had along the way!"

According to Joanna, she's always been passionate about plants and gardening. She hoped to pass her hobby down to her own kiddos by starting a family garden.

"The garden has always been a place that inspires me," she said. "There's something about digging deep into fresh soil or watching new life burst from what was not long ago just a tiny seed that reinforces what a gift life is. I think that's part of why my kids have come to love spending time in the garden just as much as I do."

The 40-year-old mama also emphasized that kids can learn a ton from getting their hands dirty. "It can be a great teacher, if we pause long enough to notice all there is to learn," she said. "Where every day can be a lesson in hard work, and sometimes even in failure, but where there's also growth worth celebrating."

Preorder a copy of We Are the Gardeners ($20) on Amazon before it's officially released on March 26.

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