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The Coast Guard Will Now Pay to Ship Breast Milk for Moms

You might cry over spilled milk, but you’ll definitely shed tears over the cost of shipping breast milk for active duty moms. The Coast Guard has come to the rescue, however, with a new policy that covers shipping costs for breast milk


Moms on duty who want to send breast milk home to their babies now qualify for a new financial program titled Coast Guard Mutual Assistance, Breast Milk Shipment, which will cover the shipping costs for up to $750 per year. The new policy was in response to feedback received in the Women’s Retention Study and Holistic Analysis conducted by the United States Coast Guard.

The reimbursement program applies to all active duty members including PHS Officers and USN Chaplains attached to the Coast Guard, as well as reservists and their spouses and Coast Guard civilian employees.

Eligible members can apply for reimbursement for their shipping costs at the end of any period of time away from home which is longer than 72 hours. They must submit receipts within 60 days of return. Members who paid to ship breast milk prior to the establishment of the program are also eligible for reimbursement for any expenses incurred from Jan. 1 to Aug. 31, 2019.

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