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Glow Stick Tic-Tac-Toe


  • glow sticks (with connectors) in all colors

  • clear tape – optional

To make the board:

With the connectors provided, use your glow sticks to make a 3×3 grid. Make 4 long lines, crossing them for a 9 squares total. TIP: add clear tape to the cross-overs to keep the grid in place and movable.

To make the game pieces:

Choose 2 colors, and with the connectors, create circles with your glow sticks. Each color is a different player. Or if you have different shapes and sizes of glow sticks, create 2 groups of pieces – one group per person, for their game pieces.

Optional: if you have a lot of glow sticks, make a giant board and you can use tape to create the X shape for one of the players.


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