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Memory game for toddlers

Your 2-5 year old will *love* this game that puts them in charge of fixing your mistakes (plus, it's another #VroomTip you can do anywhere!)! When singing with your little one, mix up the familiar words by changing them (like "The itsy bitsy squirrel," not spider). You can also do this with their favorite stories (the "three little ducks," not pigs). If they catch on, ask them how it really goes. If not, you can say, "Oops! That's not right!" to bring their attention to it.

There's a lot going on, #BrainBuilding speaking, with this simple and silly game. Your child uses their working memory and focus to follow the story or song and to notice when parts of it are different than usual. You're encouraging them to think flexibly and to make connections between their past experiences and what is happening now—essential skills for learning!


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