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New Car Seat Device Seeks to Improve Infant Safety

Leaving your baby in the car might seem unthinkable, but the sad fact is that it happens all too often. A life-saving new device is designed to prevent kids from being left in the car.

The Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System is a seatbelt clip that attaches to a car seat harness and alerts you if you walk away from the car without unclipping it. The clip comes with two key fobs which you can attach to your car keys.

The fob and seatbelt clip communicate via Radio Frequency (RF) to transmit a signal that triggers the alarm sound within the key fob. The alarm is activated whenever the fob and clip are more than 10 feet apart while an infant or toddler is still strapped in.

“Parents will do anything to keep their children safe from harm, but as we’ve seen in the rising number of incidents, there is a real need for change in the way that parents and caregivers go about protecting their child,” said Rick Bond, President and Founder of AHSP. “While it’s not realistic to shelter your children from every harmful event or risk, with the Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System, parents can now take precautionary measures without compromising time or money finding a suitable solution for their families on the go.” 

The CoPilot is available for purchase online at for $49.95.

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